Steam SterilizerTabletop Steam SterilizerVertical Type Steam SterilizerPLC Control SystemMovable Suction Unit(Aspirator)High Vacuum Double Pump Max Flow Liposuction AspiratorHomecare Electric Bed
Steam Sterilizer
Tabletop Steam Sterilizer
Vertical Type Steam Sterilizer
PLC Control System
Movable Suction Unit(Aspirator)
High Vacuum Double Pump Max Flow Liposuction Aspirator
Homecare Electric Bed

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Homecare Electric Bed

3 Motors, 3 Function -Frame made by steel with powder coated -Aluminum fold able side rails -With detachable timber head/foot board and side panel -5” braking castor with anti-dust ABS cover -IV pole included -Overall size: 2150*110*38~68cm Option : for foam mattress   Functions

Hospital Manual Bed

Features: SS-640I1 manual bed is especially designed for patients and caregiver equipment. Concealed manual cranking system in most routine tasks hi/lo, back rest and knee break adjustable assist to caregiver in excellent patient care. Molding bed top and integrated head foot board made by plas

Steam Sterilizer Manual Hinge Door

WM-380P is an efficient and reliable automatic steam sterilizer. Specially designed for large capacity and highest flexibility in processing requirements. It can be used in a hospital for efficient, high-volume processing of heat and moisture stabile materials, such as fabrics, wrapped hard goods,