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PLC Control System

  • Model No.:WM-390S
  • Made in:Taiwan
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Key Features

WM-380P, WM-380P, WM-390PL & WM-390S is a specially designed for large capacity and highest flexibility in processing requirement.
It can be used in a hospital for efficient, high-volume processing of heat and moisture stabile materials,  such as fabrics, wrapped hard goods, liquid or glassware etc.

 Model No:WM-390S 
 Chamber Door:Automatic Vertical Sliding Door
 Chamber type:Rectangular chamber
 Sterilze cycles  5 pre-programmed cycles: 1.Unwrapped 2.Wrapped cycle 3.Liquid cycle 4.Bowie-Dick cycle 5.Vacuum Leak test cycle
 Automatic operation Cycle progresses automatically through Pulses Vacuum、Sterilizing、Exhaust、Vacuum Drying and Venting Phases.
 Stutats display: LCD touch screen
 Vacuum system:
 Controlled and monitored pulses vacuum and drying phase effectively condition loads of various size and density ...reducing total sterilization time. System includes a condenser and water ejector.
 Air Filter: HEPA air filter
 Safety devices: 1.Safet door switch 2.Door Inter Lock 3.Safety valve 4.Overheating protection device 5.Low water protection device 6.Circuit protecto device 7.Emergency exhuast
  *Safety door switch: Cycle does not start unless chamber is locked also door-unlocked singal is displayed on the control panel.
*Door Inter Lock: Door Safety Locking device keep door from being opened while chamber is pressurized during cycle.
*Low water protection device: low water level in steam generator will actuate audible alarm and protective device cut off the heating source immediately(Option steam generator
 Chamber sizes:41x41x66cm 111Liters
51x51x96.5cm 251Liters
61x61x96.5cm 359Liters
61x61x122cm 454Liters
 Option: Double door
 Vacuum Pump
 Steam Generator
 Loading Car & Transfer carriage
  Double Door, Pass-Through type