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    Key Features

    WM-300 is a compact, portable sterilizer with large capacity. Can be operated on a table or any other steady surface. Designed for sterilization of wrapped or unwrapped instruments, liquid, cotton dressing, bandages or dentistry appliances.

    1.Cycle progresses automatically through conditioning and sterilizing phases.
    2.The sterilize temperature is set on 127℃.
    3.Sterilize time is adjustable from 0~60 minutes on timer.
    4.A buzzer announces the completion and cuts off the heating power source.
    5.The pressure-temperature gauge make ideal require reading and indicate high precision and consistent results.
    6.Heating system is equipped with a high efficient immersion heater and temperature protective device to provide safe working condition.
    7.Automatic pressure regulators discharges excess steam from chamber to obtain effective saturated steam.
    8.Chamber door is manually operated and actuated by rotating a door handle.
    9.The silicone-rubber sealing gasket is applied to an even pressure door seal.
    10.Cylindrical chamber provides a high capacity to satisfy a wide range of sterile processing needs.
    11. Chamber is made of high quality SUS 304 stainless steel with polished surface for long lasting service and easy cleaning.

    Safety devices
    1. Safety valve: pressure regulators releasing excessive steam from chamber.
    2. Overheating protection device: high temperature deviation in chamber actuates protective device cuts off heating source immediately.
    3. Emergency exhaust: manual exhaust to vent the chamber and remove the load in the event of a power outage.

    Norms and standards
    Manufacturer correspond with quality system certified to GMP Taiwan

    1. Bottom shelf x 1
    2. Sterilizing container x 1
    3. Operation manual x 1

    Sterilizer is warranted to one year, exclude consumable (heater, gasket etc.).

     ModelChamber Size
     Net Weight
    Design Temperature
    Working Temperature
    Sterilizing Timer (mins) Electric Power
    Power Chamber & Door Material 
     WM-300ψ230xD390 16 W320x
    15 2.2 134 127 0~60 110V/220V 1PH 50/60Hz Stainless Steel SUS304